Freedom from Torture - Risk, Resilience and Rights: Working with Interpreters in a Clinical Setting

Risk, Resilience and Rights: Working with Interpreters in a Clinical Setting

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1 December, 2017 - 09:30 to 17:00
Freedom from Torture’s North East centre, Newcastle

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“Working as a team with a professional interpreter builds a bridge between practitioner and client to ensure a true and meaningful dialogue”

 – Nathalie Talbot, Interpreter at Freedom from Torture North West


This training is designed for practitioners in health and mental health settings as well as social workers, project workers, specialists working in schools, lawyers, and other service providers working with adults or young people who are vulnerable migrants.


Overall Aim:

To explore effective communication skills for using interpreters in therapeutic settings when working with children, separated young people and families impacted by torture or other serious trauma.

Learning objectives:

By the end of this one-day training programme, participants should be able to:

  • Articulate the Interpreter’s role as part of a therapeutic team
  • Define good practice in working with interpreters in a therapeutic setting
  • Describe the power relationships in the client – practitioner – interpreter triad
  • Describe communication dynamics, including power, inclusion and attachment
  • Explain the issues that the practitioner and interpreter should consider around the use of language when working with children or families
  • Explain why briefings and de-briefs with an interpreter are important and what topics should be covered
  • Articulate the impact that interpreting work can have on interpreters

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The standard registration fee for this one day training programme is £70 per participant. If you work for a NGO/charity, we offer a discounted rate of £30 per participant.

Meet the facilitators…

Jolie Oyele - Qualified interpreter, English & Lingala

Jolie Oyele works at Freedom from Torture as an administrative assistant, but before that worked as a freelance interpreter for eight years including working with Freedom from Torture as an interpreter for 5 years (French & Lingala). Jolie has a community L3 Interpreting and DPSI Qualification. She also has a Masters degree in Political Sciences and International Relationship from the DR Congo. She worked in the Foreign Ministry for about eight years before coming to the UK. She has been living in the UK for 16 years.

Mel Kakkar - Psychological Therapist, Freedom from Torture North East

Mel Kakkar is an adult psychological therapist and offers one-to-one and group therapy to torture survivors and is also involved with training external agencies and providing supervision.


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